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Prediction League Rules 2020/21 Season Empty Prediction League Rules 2020/21 Season

on Tue 18 Jun 2019, 3:26 pm
Premier League Prediction League Rules 2020/21 Season

We will be running this based on the same scoring as the BBC use for the Lawro predictions to make it easier and hopefully quicker for results getting up. We will also put Lawro's predictions and scores up to see how you do against him.

They rules are fairly simple

1: A list of fixtures to predict will be posted on the board before the relevant round of each competition. You then predict the score of each fixture. These will be done for weekend matches only and not midweek fixtures. We will try to ensure the current round plus the next are available to predict at any time. 

2: Postponed matches will count as a voided fixture and no points will be awarded for that match.

3: If postponements lead to 4 or less fixtures left in a round then that round will be cancelled and all predictions void.

4: Your entry must be before any fixtures you predict in each round kicks off. Any entries or amendments after a match you have predicted has kicked off will void that entry. What that means is if you edit after a match a started even if it is an edit for a later game, all your predictions before the edit will be void. If you need to edit after kick off of first game it is better to re-enter the predictions on a new post for those you are adjusting and/or PM Darlington.

5: Points will be awarded thus:-
A correct result (picking a win, draw or defeat) is worth 10 points. The exact score earns 40 points.

6: For any round If the result is a tie then the decider will be number of completely correct scores, which is both scores and result correct for a match. 

7: If the overall season title is drawn then it will be decided by firstly exact scores during the season. If that is level then it will then be on manager of the month wins. 

8: The overall season winner (or second placed if Lawro is top) will receive a £10 Amazon UK gift voucher but you must be an Extreme Football Forum Member to claim the prize, as your EFF email will be used should you win the prize. A recognised affiliate who also do the predictions will be accepted via their e-mail. Current affiliates for the predictions are www.thefmfa.com and www.pffm.co.uk

9: The Admin decision is final and there is no alternative to the prize offered.

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