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The Bank
The Bank
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Betting Shop Rules 2019/20 Season Empty Betting Shop Rules 2019/20 Season

on Sat 18 May 2019, 3:52 pm

1. Odds will be listed for competitions, matches (mostly televised games as we all can get to see them and they have a greater selection of bet types and odds available for us to use). If you don't like the odds then don't bet. It is after all just a bit of fun.

2. You can bet as many different times on a match as you like to a limit of your credits/money. Remember if you bet all your credits and lose you will be reset to 100 at end of the week (Sun) and will have to build your credit back up by posting or winning with the 100.

3. You can not bet more than you have credits at the current time so if you bet and are in negative due to losing all then the bet will be void as you can't bet what you don't have. 

4. Results of matches are at full time including injury time, or extra time if cup games but not penalties. If you want to bet scores at end penalties then ask.

5. As with any bookies if the bet doesn't happen then no credits are taken and the bet is void. So if you bet on Joe Blogs to score the first goal and he doesn't play then the bet is void.

6. If a match isn't shown and you want to bet on it ask, just PM the Bank and he will get the odds if they are available and post them for you. You can then decide if you want to take them.

7. The betting shop manager is The Bank His decision is final and no discussion over the odds will be entered into.

8. Other sports and bets will be accepted if people want to bet on those. Again ask and if we can source odds we will.

9. Thanks and happy betting.
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Betting Shop Rules 2019/20 Season Empty Excellent Rules

on Fri 17 Jan 2020, 5:59 pm
Thanks for sharing the amazing rules. 

Your all of your rules explained so wisely. I love to follow it.
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