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European Super League debate Empty European Super League debate

on Mon 05 Nov 2018, 2:22 pm
European Super League debate: A better future for football or the end of the game as we know it? Following reports that 11 of Europe's biggest clubs could soon break away to form their own Super League, the football.london have had their say on the idea

A better future is possible with a Super League but it wouldn't work out in reality - Greg Johnson, Editor-in-chief

There is an argument that the creation of a Super League could provide critics of the modern game with everything they have ever wanted. Imagine it. A world where the richest, most dominant clubs have disappeared to leave behind a more equal, competitive landscape where hard work, smart tactics and player development is rewarded with trophies, with money taking a back seat. While the Super League would offer big money spectacle, hogging all the stars on the biggest contracts to tour the world as a bombastic football circus, the rest of the game would take their cues from the ethos of the non-league scene, the Women's Super League and even Rugby League. More focus on the fans, more of a community spirit, fewer commercial distractions, with the big brands chasing the Super League.

There would be less money in the non-super side of the sport but it'd be a split that offers two visions of football that could co-exist - a blockbuster version for the neutrals and casual supporters to lose themselves in and an earthy, authentic alternative where clubs like Leicester City can win the Premier League more than once in a generation and big clubs can be big clubs without needing to be big brands.

But that's not what would happen, is it.?

A Super League would see the money hoarded by the elite in their own closed shop competition. It could be argued that has already happened with the top six and the same sides ruling over the Champions League every year but by formally decoupling these clubs from the rest of the game the inequality would become even more extreme. With their gates down and competitions impoverished, the likes of the Premier League, the Championship and other divisions that were once prestigious in their own right would be reduced to feeder leagues full of nursery teams used to loan out the legions of players owned by the super clubs, as happens in US sports such as baseball and NFL.

It would be the end of football, or at least the end of football as know and love it. No thanks.

Full article (with other contributors): https://www.football.london/premier-league/european-super-league-debate-better-15373718

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