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Friday Night Game - Man Utd v Leicester Empty Friday Night Game - Man Utd v Leicester

on Fri 10 Aug 2018, 4:04 pm
Well the Premiership starts again tonight with a clash between Manchester United and Leicester City.

It appears to myself that good old Jose has been getting in his excuses early after they didn't bag a defender in the transfer window and no doubt will bring it up time again until January should they not be doing as well as they might expect.

Leicester on the other hand lost their main play maker in Mahrez who has gone to Manchester City. They now have to see how they can do without him.

Fred should make his debut for United in this game but both teams will have late fitness tests on players late back from the world cup.

Verdict for me is it should still be a home win.
For all Manchester United's lack of transfer activity they still bought players and lost few. Leicester have lost one of their main men and without him I see little to affect a steady United side who should have more than enough to win this one.

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