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Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Wed 25 Jul 2018, 1:28 pm
Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL other things 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc. 

As the title says, this is the "ALL other things" thread. For chat about matches, club policy, current players, transfer news/gossip please turn to the other sister threads...


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A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
Join date : 2013-03-07
Location : Spain - England
Posts : 910
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Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Wed 25 Jul 2018, 1:37 pm

Away fans – Travel

Journey By Car - From all directions on the M4 motorway turn off at junction 11, and head along the A33 towards Reading. If you're coming from the South then take the A33 which runs North into Reading, crossing the same junction 11. In all cases you'll then find yourself driving straight towards the stadium, best to keep to left hand side lanes. The 'new' A33 (called the Reading Relief Road) runs very close indeed to the ground so you can't go wrong, in theory! As said, if you're coming from the M4 just keep in the left hand lane as you approach...


There is some limited parking available at the stadium itself for a cost of £10 but it can be a bit of lengthy process to get out of the car park at the end of the game. 

There are also a number of unofficial car parks in the area sited at local businesses. One of the easiest to locate is Worton Grange, which has 1,000 spaces at a cost of £8 a car.

There are many residential streets nearby (Whitley district) where you can park for free, and I'd personally suggest it without reservation, but it's not perhaps the most sure area for security (and sincere apologies to the many good folk living there), and many local fans prefer to pay the £8-10 or so 'official' parking for peace of mind or more likely for pure comfort/convenience of being as close as possible. 

There are other car parks dotted along Imperial Way, including that large one which charges £8. The problem is that it's very large and people will spend ages waiting to get out. In fact, if you park elsewhere and drive down Imperial Way to get out, you'll see people struggling to get out of the large car park. 
The advantage of parking in streets on the Whitley side of the Basingstoke Road is that after a few minutes walk that getaway is far more fluid if you're heading back to the M4 again, because you won't be in those queues.

Journey by Train

Remember if travelling by train then you can save on the cost of fares by booking in advance. Visit the the trainline website to see how much you can normally save.

Click onto: 

See this excellent web site mentioned below. It's so good I wrote to compliment Duncan, the editor, on such good work. 

Excellent General Guide as to the Madejski Stadium for the Away fan:

This Club moved to the stadium in 1998, after spending 102 years at their former home of Elm Park. The stadium is of a fair size and is totally enclosed, with all four corners being occupied. Three sides are single tiered, whilst on one side the West (Main) Stand is two tiered, including a row of executive boxes. This stand has a curve in its roof and the team dug outs are located in front. Unlike the West Stand, the others stands have a more conventional look to their roofs, although there is a gap between the roofs and the back of the stands, that contains perspex, to allow more light to reach the pitch. The ground has been designed with the supporter in mind as the fans are housed very close to the pitch and the acoustics are very good. The stadium also has a video screen in the South East corner. The stadium, named after Reading's chairman John Madejski is shared with London Irish Rugby Club.
Away fans are located in one end of the stadium, in the South Stand, where up to 4,300 can be accommodated (although the normal allocation is 2,100). The facilities in this stand are good with plenty of leg room and the views of the pitch are superb, as there is good height between rows. Away fans can really make some noise in this stand, so make the most of it. The atmosphere is also boosted by a drummer in the home section. Entrance to the stadium is by ticket only and if tickets are still available for away supporters then they can purchase them on the day at the South Stand ticket office located between gates 9 & 10. You enter the stadium by inserting your ticket into a ticket reader which scans the bar code on the ticket and illuminates a green light to go in. 

Away fans – where to eat and drink?

There is precious little right alongside the ground itself apart from the official complex, but there is a lot not too far away. Best is to come early, and relax with something nearby - all suggestions underneath are easily manageable. The hotel on the Madejski complex is not advised, unless you’ve simply got cash to spare (and don’t mind spending it)!

Near Ground

The World Turned Upsidedown” (Crown Carveries) – 387 Basingstoke Road, Reading. Just about as close as you’ll get to the ground. No advance booking necessary, and accustomed to away supporters. See here: http://www.crowncarveries.co.uk/find-us/Theworldturnedupsidedown.html  Breakfast - pub - carvery.

Holiday Inn – about a 15 minute walk from the ground, and again used by away supporters. Hasn’t had good publicity though, probably because they charge near hotel prices for basic drinks. See: http://www.holidayinn.com/hotels/us/en/reading/reaso/hoteldetail/dining  

The local Retail Park (nearby, in the direction of the town centre) has MacDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. The main Basingstoke Road which takes you centre-bound has good fish and chip shops! 

The Eastern Pearl, 177 Basingstoke Road, was a pub but has transformed into a Chinese Buffet Restaurant. They still have some beers though … 

Inside Reading

The Three Guineas – right alongside Reading Station, perfect for those coming by train. Actually known, even designated, as the ‘away fans’ pub, so no problem at all, and is the safest bet if you'd like the comfort of your fellow fans. Buses then get you straight to the ground. Here’s the only info: http://www.three-guineas.co.uk  

The Monks’ Retreat – in Friar street, at two minutes walk from the station heading towards dead centre of town. Some away fans use this, as prices are quite a bit cheaper than the Three Guineas! {careful if you are too obviously in away team colours; access may be denied}     

The Hobgoblin – Broad Street, as centre of town as you’ll get, and only 5 mins walk from the station. Interesting layout, but drinks a bit pricier … 

Here’s a list of the central Reading pubs, especially those near the train station:

Turks – just to south of town centre, along the London Road, so quite a walk from the train station but on route to ground. It’s a 16th century building, and has a reputation for being both friendly and with reasonable prices for both drinks (good variety!) and food. 

Also, a little south of centre is the Red Lion, in Southampton Street (so just round the corner from The Turks Head). It’s a traditional pub, with pub games, but doesn’t do much food or real ale. But in theory you’ll get a warm welcome. 

Just outside

The Bull Pub in Theale, good reputation for food and has a large sports bar. Look it out here: http://thebullattheale.co.uk  Only two minutes from junction 12 of the M4, that’s just before the next Madejski exit J11 (so only 5 mins in car).

Also in Theale, the Fox and Hounds (Station Road, Theale) – in theory, renowned for friendly atmosphere, friendly staff and lots of Wadworth beer!

The Greyhound – Tidmarsh. If you want something different and really quaint this is for you – a pub based on a 12th century thatched house! It’s not at all pricy, and has both good food and drinks … Leaving on the same motorway Junction 12 as Theale, but initially taking Newbury direction (A4) but almost immediately taking right-turn on (second) roundabout for the A340 signposted to Pangbourne. Tidmarsh village is barely at 5 minutes, therefore you are only 15 mins or so from the ground. Behind the premises is the very pretty river Pang, which at this point is divided into two separate channels (rural Berkshire!). 
Check out: http://www.tidmarshgreyhound.co.uk  

Three Mile Cross – a village just to the other side of the M4 (southwards, as if you were going to Basingstoke). A couple of quaint pubs, good beer, and barely 10 minutes to the stadium.

Another 5 minutes southwards of the Three Mile Cross and you’ll come to the village of Spencers Wood – and here you have the Farriers Arms. A large food selection (food all day), and do menus and offers – see it here: http://www.farriersarmspub.co.uk  

Advice – just allow plenty of time getting to the vicinity of the stadium. 

Enjoy your day out!!

A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
Join date : 2013-03-07
Location : Spain - England
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Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Wed 25 Jul 2018, 1:50 pm

1894-95   Founder member of Southern League
1897-98   Also played in Western League professional section
1898-99   Left Western League, but joined United League
1900-01   Rejoined Western League
1901-02   Southern League runner-up
1904-05   Southern League runner-up
1910      Relegated to Division Two
1910-11   Southern League Division Two Champions, conceding only one goal at home all season - Promoted to Division One
1914-15   Southern League runner-up
1920-21   Founder member of Division Three South
1925-26   Football League Division Three South Champions - Promoted to Division Two
1926-27   F.A. Cup semi-finalists
1930      Escaped relegation to Division Three on goal average
1931      Relegated to Division Three South
1931-32   Football League Division Three South runner-up
1934-35   Football League Division Three South runner-up
1939-40   Football League programme abandoned due to outbreak of war
1948-49   Football League Division Three South runner-up
1951-52   Football League Division Three South runner-up
1958-59   Placed in Division Three upon re-organisation
1971      Relegated to Division Four on goal average
1975-76   Promoted to Division Three
1977      Relegated to Division Four
1978-79   Football League Division Four Champions - Promoted to Division Three
1983      Relegated to Division Four
1983-84   Promoted to Division Three
1985-86   Football League Division Three Champions - Promoted to Division Two
1987      Relegated to Division Three
1992-93   Division Three re-designated Division Two on formation of F.A. Premier League
1993-94   Football League Division Two Champions - Promoted to Division One
1994-95   Football League runner-up
          Not promoted after play-offs (SF Tranmere Rovers 1 Reading 3,
          Reading 0 Tranmere Rovers 0 - Agg 3-1), F Bolton Wanderers 4 Reading 3 @ Wembley)
1998      Relegated to Division Two
2000-01   Not promoted after Play-offs (SF Wigan Athletic 0 Reading 0, Reading 2 Wigan Athletic 1 - Agg 3-1), F Reading 2 Walsall 3 @ Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)
2001-02   Football League Division Two runner-up
          Promoted to Division One
2002-03   Not promoted after play-offs (SF Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Reading 1 // Reading 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 – (Agg 1-3)
2004-05   Division One renamed "Football League Championship"
2005-06   Football League championship Champions - Promoted to F.A. Premier League
2007-08      Relegated to Football League Championship
2008-09   Not promoted after play-offs (SF Burnley 1 Reading 0, Reading 0, Burnley 2 - Agg 0-3)
2011-12   Football League Championship Champions (2nd time) - Promoted to F.A. Premier League
2012-13      Relegated to Football League Championship

A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
Join date : 2013-03-07
Location : Spain - England
Posts : 910
EFF Credits : 7839
Reputation : 19
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Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Wed 01 Aug 2018, 1:30 pm
Football London

How the bookies rate Reading's chances going into the season

Royals are once again being tipped to struggle in the 2018/19 Championship. It looks like Reading will have to go against all the odds if they are to be successful this season. As with previous years, Royals are once again being written off and not expected to do anything noteworthy in this year's Championship. And if they are, it's going to be a very long shot. Paul Clement's side are listed as joint fourth favourites for the drop with bookmakers Ladbrokes.

The 2018/19 season begins on Friday night with Reading taking on Derby Countyat Madejski Stadium (8pm kick-off). And after a winless pre-season, Clement's side are being tipped to struggle this year again - just months after finishing in 20th place and three points above relegation in 2017/18. Reading are 4/1 - alongside QPR - to go down, with only newly-promoted Rotherham United, Bolton Wanderers and Ipswich Town having shorter odds. At the other end of the scale, Royals are 16/1 for promotion - the same as Ipswich - the joint third longest odds of any side in the division.

Stoke City, West Brom and Middlesbrough are favourites for promotion to the Premier League, while Derby, Leeds United and Swansea are also being tipped to be in the mix at the top. Royals are only 7/1 for a top-six finish although those odds are still some of the longest. Other odds for Reading include 9/1 to make the play-offs, 40/1 to win the play-offs, 13/8 for a top-half finish and 4/9 for a bottom half finish, while it's 14/1 for the side to finish bottom.

All odds are correct at time of writing.

A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
Join date : 2013-03-07
Location : Spain - England
Posts : 910
EFF Credits : 7839
Reputation : 19
View user profilehttps://johnstone-music.com

Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Wed 01 Aug 2018, 2:39 pm
News at Den

2018-19 Championship preview: Reading
 August 1, 2018 Staff
NEWSATDEN looks at all of Millwall’s 23 opponents ahead of the 2018-19 Championship season. Next up, Lucas Ball takes a look Reading.

Name: Reading
Nickname: The Royals
Manager: Paul Clement
Stadium: Madjeski Stadium [24,161]
Postcode: RG2 0FL
Club website: www.readingfc.co.uk
Nearest train station: Reading West
Match-day directions: footballgroundguide.com
Promotion odds (Sky Bet): 18/1
Last meeting: Sky Bet Championship – Reading 0-2 Millwall [Leandro Bacuna own goal 70', Lee Gregory 73']; February 3, 2018
Last seasoIns: n: 20th in Sky Bet Championship
Goals for: 48
Goals against: 70
Top league goal scorer: Modou Barrow (10)
First-team 2018-19 transfers
Ins: Marc McNulty [£1.2million from Coventry]; Sam Walker [free transfer from Colchester]; John O'Shea [free transfer from Sunderland]; Andy Yiadom [free transfer from Barnsley]; Darren Sidoel [free transfer from Ajax]; David Meyler [free transfer from Hull]; Sam Baldock [undisclosed from Brighton]
Outs: Sandro Wieser [free transfer to FC Vaduz]; Dennis Rakels [free transfer to Riga]; Tennai Watson [loan to AFC Wimbledon]; Joseph Mendes [free transfer to AC Ajaccio]; Jonathon Bond [free transfer to West Brom]; Joey van den Berg [loan to NEC Nijmegen]; Andrija Novakovich [loan to Fortuna Sittard]; Stephen Quinn; Yann Kermorgant [both released]
It's been a summer of change at the Madejski Stadium so far after Paul Clement's arrival at the helm towards the back end of last season.
Clement took over from Jaap Stam during a disappointing campaign that ended with the Royals finishing 20thafter missing out on promotion to the Premier League via a penalty shoot-out in the play-off final the season before. Clement has opted for experience with the likes of David Meyler and John O'Shea joining the club, but the Royals have also signed younger players such as Andy Yiadom with a point to prove at this level. Sam Baldock will be hoping to get his career back on track after injury woes while he was with Brighton. Clement also has a point to prove after his disappointing spells in charge of Swansea and Derby County.
Prediction: Relegation battle
The Royals simply don't have enough quality in their ranks to mount a challenge towards the top end of the table and their defence could again be their weakness this season. If Baldock can stay fit and form a partnership with McNulty, their goals should be just enough to keep Reading out of the bottom three.

This season's fixtures
Reading vs. Millwall – Saturday October 20, 2018 [Kick-off: 3pm]
Millwall vs. Reading – Wednesday December 26, 2018 [Kick-off: 3pm]

A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
Join date : 2013-03-07
Location : Spain - England
Posts : 910
EFF Credits : 7839
Reputation : 19
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Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

on Thu 09 Aug 2018, 10:41 am
Football London

How the Reading squad looks and the areas Clement still needs to improve - Time is running out for Royals to strengthen their squad

Goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders - they are the types of players required at Reading if you believe the recent rumours. It's safe to say Royals are well stocked in certain areas but are pretty short in others.
Boss Paul Clement has spoken of a need to balance the side and said he is looking to explore the loan market which is open until the end of the month. But what areas need strengthening? And which could do with trimming? Here is the full squad list of senior players available to Clement as it stands and a verdict on each position.
Vito Mannone
Sam Walker
Anssi Jaakkola
Verdict: None of the three inspire a great deal of confidence among fans at this stage but they are likely to be the main three options for the season. Youngsters George Legg and Luke Southwood could be loaned out for more experience.
Chris Gunter
Andy Yiadom
Jordan Obita
Omar Richards
Verdict: If all four are fit they are all decent options but injuries to Obita and Gunter means the side are short, albeit on a temporary basis. Bacuna and Blackett can also fill in if needs be.
Paul McShane
Liam Moore
Tiago Ilori
Tyler Blackett
John O'Shea
Verdict: If Moore stays, the area is fine. But if he goes, it is a big gap to fill.
Central midfielders
John Swift
Liam Kelly
David Meyler
Pelle Clement
Dave Edwards
Leandro Bacuna
Andy Rinomhota
Verdict: A pretty well-stocked position. Rinomhota will go out on loan while Edwards and Clement may look for moves as it's hard to see them getting much game time.
Adrian Popa
Garath McCleary
Sone Aluko
Callum Harriott
Mo Barrow
Yakou Meite
Verdict: When all fit, arguably Royals' strongest position. Popa, McCleary and Harriott all still have to come back.
Jon Dadi Bodvarsson
Sam Baldock
Marc McNulty
Danny Loader
Verdict: Meite could be added to this mix. Loader unlikely to see much action but the other three should do and if they find form, goals should not be an issue.
Original article: https://www.football.london/reading-fc/how-reading-squad-looks-areas-15006492

A friendly Reading FC fan! CELLO MAN - web www.johnstone-music.com 
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Re: Reading FC Corner 3 - General Club Policy & ALL 'Royals': memories, history, stats, stadium etc

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