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Premier League Champions 2018/19

on Tue 12 Jun 2018, 1:48 pm
Premier League Champions

(Each Way 1/3 odds for 1st 2 places)

Manchester City 8/13
Liverpool 9/2
Manchester Utd 7/1
Tottenham Hotspur 12/1
Chelsea 14/1
Arsenal 25/1
Leicester City 200/1
Everton 250/1
Wolves 250/1
Southampton 500/1
West Ham 500/1
Bournemouth 750/1
Crystal Palace 750/1
Newcastle 750/1
Brighton 1000/1
Burnley 1000/1
Fulham 1000/1
Watford 1000/1
Cardiff 1500/1
Huddersfield 1500/1

Odds for now until start of season
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