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Non League Fan
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How Much Do Wales Rely On Bale

on Tue 03 Oct 2017, 1:53 pm
How many times do you hear that Wales would be nowhere without Gareth Bale or that Wales are a one man team? Quite a lot I expect.
That said they do have that a combined team solidity and camaraderie that seems at times to make the sum of the parts far greater than you may expect. You also can't just say Mr Bale is the only good player in their ranks when they also boast the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen in midfield.

Well time is up now for Wales and Gareth Bale as they now go into the last two qualifiers without him as he is ruled out with a calf strain. Not the best timing for his team as they sit in a group with the Republic of Ireland just one point behind and facing them in the final group game. Wales will be at home for that but at the moment their fate, as they say is in their own hands. Win both games and they are through, draw or lose and they could let Ireland in.

Georgia is the trip for Wales which isn't the easiest but with Gareth Bale it would be an expected win. Without him they should still be slight favourites. Ireland face the group's bottom team Moldova at home which you would expect to be an easy victory. That means it all comes down to next Monday in Wales and then we will see just how good Wales are without talisman Gareth Bale.

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Re: How Much Do Wales Rely On Bale

on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 10:28 am
Quite a bit it would seem as they got beat by Ireland 1-0 and won't be going to the World Cup in Russia.
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