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On the fiddle ...

on Mon 30 Jan 2017, 9:24 pm
On the fiddle

No, not some kind of social-economic topic, nor my dubious handling of any inter-forum game I organize, but daib0 playing live on the cello ….
It's a small ask coming up – I know it’s nothing to do at all with footie, just hoping for a bit of extra comradeship, shouldn’t cost you hardly 3 mins!!
You'll know I’m a cellist …. well, I’m happy to pass you the link of one of the most difficult pieces ever played on cello, just done. And I really enjoyed the challenge …!
YOU TUBE - David Johnstone plays Sarasate  Aires Bohemios  on  Cello

If you were able to share this link amongst a few friends & colleagues I would be very grateful indeed (‘cos it’s always the same, people think more visits = better, and to be honest that’s pretty hard to get on a ‘classical’ instrument like the cello.) … especially as I’m not registered for Facebook, LinkedIn etc. though I am on twitter ( @johnstone_cello ). And people were asking for a close-up video to see me for real, not the lots of audios which are already up on internet!!

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