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West Ham supporters fight amongst themselves ...

on Sun 11 Sep 2016, 10:52 am
West Ham have stated they will issue life bans to any supporters actively involved in the crowd trouble at their home defeat to Watford
West Ham supporters fought among themselves, clashed with stewards and Watford fans as they witnessed their side throw away a two-goal lead to the Hornets.
“West Ham United unreservedly condemn the behaviour of the individuals involved in incidents during today’s fixture against Watford,” the club said on their website.
“While these isolated incidents were quickly brought under control, this behaviour has no place in football and West Ham United will work tirelessly to eradicate such incidents. We are currently undertaking an immediate full review with all stakeholders. This includes police, stadium landlord and operator LS185, who are responsible for appointing and managing stewards and security, to ensure we eradicate such incidents moving forward.
Our policy on this behaviour remains one of zero tolerance and we will work with the police and other stakeholders to identify the individuals involved. Once identified, they will be banned from attending any West Ham United fixture for life and we will request the courts serve banning orders to prevent these individuals attending any football.”

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic was surprised to hear about the incidents when questioned by the press after the match.
“I’ve been told about it, and I asked what riot? I really didn’t see anything,” Bilic said. “I knew that at 4-2 the stadium was not packed because people were starting to go home, but I didn’t see anything so I can’t give a comment on that.”

I'm pretty tired of these managers who never see anything, despite the whole of the rest of the stadium seeing it! A bit of honesty please !!
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