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behind a success ... there's a great mum!

on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 6:00 pm
My cousin has just passed me this -

"Just been reading about Sir Richard Branson's mother Eve and found this passage.


The blueprint of Branson’s rise from nothing to millions and then billions clearly started with Eve, whose extraordinary career has included stints as a glider pilot (she had to disguise herself as a boy to be accepted), a Wren during the war, an air hostess, a magistrate, and a property developer.
She recalls how, as a child, Richard was quick to pick up on her entrepreneurial spirit. A Christmas tree business never quite took off while his foray into breeding budgerigars literally did ... when his mother tired of them, opened their cages and let them fly free."

They say there's a successful wife behind each great man - but a mum as well?!
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